Ancient Family Planning Methods You Have Never Heard Of!

Health / Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Traditional methods of family planning have been used since time immemorial but been seen to be ineffective.

Some of these include

Plants- in Ghana several plants are used for family planning and also used for abortions.

Post-partum abstinence- they have a belief that sexual intercourse contaminates breast milk, so when the woman is breastfeeding she does not have sex and this helps prevent pregnancy.

Prolonged lactation- the woman desires to breastfeed for a longer period since she does not want to be branded as ‘sex lover’.

Virginity- abstinence before marriage is encouraged which defers having children.

Taboos- you don’t continue having children when your children start having children.

Agents- oils, soap, and salt solution are used during sex.

Female circumcision- in recent Islamic areas where the woman does not feel for sex.

Tampons- they are made from cotton wool to block the cervix before sex.

Vaginal packssoft white pieces of cloth inserted to cover the cervix.

Lemon- scooped half lemon is used to cover the cervix.

Douching after sex.

Coitus inter-ruptus- withdrawal of the penis from the vagina before ejaculation.

Coitus inter-servatus- the woman remains stiff, no movement during sex.

Coitus inter-femora- sex between the thighs.

Coitus inter-crura- sex between the skin folds.

The man holding his breath during ejaculation.

Jumping or urinating after sex.

Wrapping the penis in a warm towel after sex.

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