Who Should Take Max Cellgevity Dietary Supplement.

Health / Friday, February 16th, 2018

Everyone can benefit from supplementing with cellgevity. Cellgevity can help slow down your aging process and keep you healthy and younger looking. If you are an athlete or you play any kind of vigorous sports, it will enhance your performance. Cellgevity carries the BSCG for sports certification, which means it is free from banned substance making it ideal for professional athletes. If you are interested in obtaining optimum health, why not do yourself a favor and give cellgevity a try. It has been endorsed by doctors worldwide and will help you to live a healthier and happier life. So it is effective for both those who are sick/ have health challenges and even healthy adults who understand the benefits of glutathione.

It aids your body in the recovery and restoration process as well as improve your quality of life when combined with your prescription medications if you are suffering from any of the chronic illness like Diabetic mellitus, hypertension, stroke, asthma, heart problems, sexual weakness etc.


For adults, the recommended dose of cellgevity is 2 capsules twice a day (morning and evening) with meals. We commend taking cellgevity with meals, as some people experience some mild reflux if they take it on an empty stomach. This is because some components in cellgevity are designed to stimulate digestion. It is recommended that you drink plenty of water (at least 2 liters) through the day when taking cellgevity, to help with the detoxification process. Cellgevity is a food supplement and for the most part, can be taken together with most prescription medications.

There are not side effects, but part of the detoxification process. As the product begins to work and accumulated toxins are eliminated, some people may initially experience mild detoxification symptoms, such as a headache, bloating, muscle discomfort, frequent micturition, and passage of gas as well as fatigue. Detox symptoms may occur immediately or occur after few weeks on the products. These symptoms will diminish with time as energy levels and other health benefits are realized. Drink lots of water when taking cellgevity and if you experience detox symptoms or reduce the dosage to one or two capsules a day, and gradually build up.

Children under age 20, pregnant woman, lactating mothers, people allergic to mushrooms and patients on blood thinners should be excluded from taking cellgevity unless the advice is coming from a medical doctor. (there are not hard-fisted rules, a medical doctor may give it to any group of persons if the benefits far outweighed the risk)


Most people will likely feel the surge in energy and better sleep pattern from day 1. Then as your glutathione (GSH) level increases over time, you will begin to experience the other important benefits of higher levels of glutathione in your body.


Yes, cellgevity is licensed for use in Ghana by the Foods and Drug Authority. It has also been licensed by several other countries.

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  1. I have little girl of 8 year sickle, Can she take cellgevity? And all so want to be a partnership wit ur company here in Rivers State Nigeria. The demand is high I can provide an office where the products will be dispatched to customers get back to me if possible thanks Mr Ogonna Onunkwo.

    1. Hello, Mr Ogonna Onunkwo.
      Please your daughter can take cellgevity, and also kindly contact me on +233 27 349 1495.
      Thank you.

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